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TruckerZoom is the first all-in-one business management tool created specifically for the drayage industry. Easily manage every aspect of your business: track drivers and loads, manage documents remotely, monitor financials, generate real-time quotes and more.

TruckerZoom Mobile

TruckerZoom mobile is the most innovative and comprehensive app specifically designed and available for intermodal drayage truck drivers, TruckerZoom simplifies communicaton with dispatch and provide everything a driver needs to have in one place making it the driver virtual office.

Robust Data Management, eCommerce Tools.

Truckerzoom is built from the ground up using EDI-friendly frameworks and an industry-first quote engine that takes into account multiple factors to give your customers a complete picture of the costs involved with their shipment before it begins. Fuel prices are updated real-time.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

TruckerZoom allows quotes to be created from Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Vendors are switching to EDI because it is easier to manage. TZ's EDI supports EDI 204, 210, 997, 214 - all the electronic messages needed to complete a load. Any client can setup an EDI system in a user friendly fashion.

Quote Engine

TZ's revolutionary Quote Engine is the first web based application for calculating rates in the drayage industry that takes into account all the factors involved in a rate: base rate, fuel, lifts involved, type of chassis used, type of container used. Fuel is also updated weekly from www.eia.gov and fuel amount is adjusted progressively based on the mileage of the trip.

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