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The drayage business solution you've been looking for.

Manage & gain insight into your drayage business with TruckerZoom. Founded in 2006 we are disrupting the drayage industry by providing business owners the tools to unlock explosive growth.

Built-in Features

TZ handles everything from billing & financials to driver scheduling, real-time quotes for your customers and more.

Productivity Increase

TruckerZoom will help you unlock growth with powerful analytics tools so you can concentrate on what matters.

Dispatcher, Driver,
Client Dashboards

Track drivers and loads, manage documents remotely, monitor financials.

the Brilliant People At TruckerZoom

Meet Team TZ

Luigi Demaio

ceo, managing director

Jordan Qiu

Senior Engineer

Phillip Hallstrom

Senior Developer, System OPS

Nassim Zaagoub

Senior Analitycs Engineer

Will Muñiz

Senior Product Designer

Kyle Costomiris

Business Development, Sales

We Built a Platform Specifically for the drayage industry with

Sophisticated Built-in Features

  • Seamless driver application process
  • Manage work-orders online
  • Drivers view dispatches, accumulated
    earnings, and sign documents online
  • Insightful data analytics built-in interface
  • Deeplinks can be generated and sent to customers to ease data input
  • Shows truck availability and sends rates through our Quote Engine
  • Chassis rental fees reconciliation
  • Container IDs include a sequence of digitized tasks
  • Tracks metrics in the ID cycle
  • Keeps your business data accessible in one place
  • Available on iOS and Android